Monday, January 24, 2011

Back to School


Today was my first day of school at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Dakota said to me this morning as I was walking out "Have fun, and don't be a "lickspittle".

That was the word of the day yesterday. It's about the same meaning as a kiss-ass. Walking into class I definitely felt like a total lickspittle. In the student handbook it said that you were expected to wear a chef's uniform to every class, and could be kicked out if you weren't properly dressed. I guess that statement should have a proviso that at SRJC, every class doesn't actually mean what it means in the rest of the world. To my embarrassment, I was the only one in uniform. That's what you get for trying to make a good start. Oh well. Truth is I hate uniforms anyway, so at least I don't have to wear one next week!

It's weird being a "nontraditional" student, but fun to be back in the library!

Sanitation and Safety has taught me that you should never thaw anything at room temperature. Actually, it's pretty good advice. Thanks, Chef! I bet she loves teaching this class as much as the rest of us love taking it.

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Martha said...

Oh, that would totally be me too, you remember what a lickspittle I was in middle school? I'm sure you'll learn so much, it is really fun to be back in school! Non-traditional students rock.